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1.   DANCE OF ENCHANTMENT  (Allegretto) Gracefully magical.

2.   THE HEART JUGGLER (Misterioso) Circular and mysterious capriciousness. Listen

3.   IWOMAH? (DO YOU STILL LOVE ME?) (Andante) A lover’s question. Listen

4.   STREETS OF SHANGHAI (Allegro con espressivo) Brisk and descriptive. Listen

5.   HEART OF LOVE (Andante) Romantic and sentimental.

6.   JOURNEY THROUGH THE NIGHT (Allegretto) Secretive trek to freedom.

7.   CHIN JING (I WANT TO BE NEAR YOU) (Adagio con espressivo) Lyrical reverie.

8.   DREAMS OF THE ORIENT (Andante con rubato) Seductive and persuasive.

9.   SINGFOO (OUR HAPPINESS) (Moderato con espressivo) Peaceful tranquility.

10. SONG FOR XIAN (Adagio) A young girl’s song.



1.  LITTLE STAR GAZER (Adagio con rubato) Simplistically melodic.

2.  WHY I LOVE YOU (Moderato) A rhythmic and faithful answer. Listen

3.  EMBRACED BY A DREAM (Moderato) Sweetly lyrical.

4.  SONG OF THE WIND (Moderato con brio) Gentle motion within the soul.

5.  FORBIDDEN LOVE (Adagio) Music of passionate empathy.

6.  ROSES OF SPRING (Andante) The beginning of love.

7.  CRYSTAL LIGHTS (Allegretto) Illuminate a hidden pathway.

8.  THE KISS (Adagio) Enchantment with nostalgia.

9.  THE LONG JOURNEY (Andante) Conquer, defeat, and triumph.

10. THIS FEELING IN MY HEART (Andante) Desirable expressiveness.

11. CHILDHOOD FRIEND (Moderato) A memorable time long ago.

12. ENDLESSLY (Moderato) Pulsating energy and determination.


             THIRTEEN INTERMEDIATE PIANO SOLOS by Robert Van Horne


2.   SERENADE OF LOVE  (Serenata de Amor) A lively, repetitive Spanish piece of mysterious delight.

3.   HEARTBROKEN  (Con el Corazón en Llanto) (Adagio) A sad song of loneliness and heartache.

4.   TANGO LOVE  (Tango de Amor) A dangerous dance of passion between two lovers.

5.   FOLLOW ME TO MY HEART (Te Entrego Mi Corazón) A spirited and happy expressive song of Spanish love.

6.   TAKE ME  ( Me Entrego a Ti) (Moderato) A señorita’s song of yearning and desire.

7.   TEMPTING FATE   (Destino Incierto)  (Moderately)  A haunting melody, Latin style.

8.   ENCHANTING DARKNESS  (Sombra Encantadora) (Moderato) A mystical and euphoric melody with a climatic conclusion.

9.   I MISS YOU  (Cada Momento Te Extraño)  (Andante)  A song of longing for a Mexican lover.

10. TENDER HEART (Tierno Sentimiento)  (Moderato) A delicate and beautiful theme, expressing deep emotion of someone in love.

11. STAY FOREVER  (No Quiero Perderte Nunca) Andante) A song that expresses always being with each other in a timeless melody.

12. GOODBYE LOVE  (Hasta Pronto Amor) A farewell melody to someone dear with the hope of reuniting.

13. CHARMING DELUSIONS  (Un Pasado de Fantasía) (Andante) Melancholy music that yearns for love and romance.


Composed / Arranged by Robert Van Horne

AMOUR LOINTAIN (Love From Afar) by Robert Van Horne. Written in the whole-tone style of the French Impressionistic composers. An award winning MTAC Composers Today Piano Solo. Listen

BUMBLE BOOGIE CONCERTO A popularized arrangement by Robert Van Horne of two well known Classical music favorites with a twist of boogie-woogie. Listen

CANON IN D Intermediate Piano Version by Johann Pachelbel. A charming and easy piano arrangement for beginning pianists.

CANON IN D Original Piano Version by Johann Pachelbel. A new and original arrangement of this classic piece recorded on Robert’s RHAPSODY / Timeless Favorites CD; performed at weddings.

CARMEN MEDLEY by Georges Bizet. Six memorable and captivating melodies arranged as a piano solo. Listen

DEAREST WISH by Robert Van Horne. A new age piano solo that reflects and inspires peace and harmony. Listen

EINE KLEINE NACHTMUSIK  (A Little Night Music) by W.A. Mozart. A new abridged intermediate piano arrangement of this well known work arranged by Robert Van Horne.

ELUSIVE DREAMS & WHISPERS by Robert Van Horne. A mysterious and haunting recurring melody accompanied by a free and whimsical interlude. Listen

FORGOTTEN FUGUE by Robert Van Horne. Composed in 1976 in Los Angeles, CA. An unconventional fugue without the specific Baroque fugal requirements, however, one of Bach’s relatives might have found this to be an interesting piece.

FROLIC by Robert Van Horne. A light and fanciful piano solo for recitals and teaching.

INTERMEZZO by Manuel M. Ponce, a Mexican composer who lived during the early part of the 1900’s. A hauntingly beautiful piano solo, arranged in a new and intriguing style that evoke feelings from the heart. Listen

KISMET FRIENDS by Robert Van Horne. A New Age piano solo inspired by two people destined to be lovers forever. Listen

MO LI HUA 茉莉花 JASMINE FLOWER  a popular and well known Chinese Folk song arranged for piano. This song was featured at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. Listen

MOONLIGHT SONATA by Ludwig van Beethoven. An easy reading abridged arrangement of Beethoven’s famous piano composition with revised markings for interpretation. Listen

O’MIO BABBINO CARO (Oh, My Beloved Father) by Giacomo Puccini from his opera Gianni Schicchi. This treasured aria is specially arranged as a piano solo as heard on Robert’s CD RHAPSODY.

REMEMBERING PIANO SOLO Piano Solo by Robert Van Horne. A lyrical melody expressing a reminiscing mood and longing for a loved one. Featured on the CD RHAPSODY / TIMELESS FAVORITES.

SOLACE  by Scott Joplin (Abridged Version) Notated differently for easy reading, this unique sounding piece has a special allure as heard in the movie “The Sting.” Listen

TENDERLY YOURS A delicate and warm-hearted piano solo by Robert Van Horne with an Asian flavor of love and romantic tenderness. Listen

THE SWAN by Camille Saint-Saëns from his suite Carnival Of The Animals. Robert’s new piano solo arrangement of this beautiful and lyrical classic masterpiece captures the swan’s gracefulness and elegance. Listen

TRUE AND GENTLE Piano Solo by Robert Van Horne. In his own words, Robert says: “This is one of the most beautiful piano pieces I’ve ever composed.” Music inspired by a truly gentle romance. Listen


Composed / Arranged by Robert Van Horne

BEAUTIFUL STRANGER A haunting melody and song with lyrics describing a secret attraction to a beautiful woman.

CARING, LOVING, BEAUTIFUL Composed in 2019 for someone very “Caring, Loving, Beautiful” to me.

HERE’S TO THE PEOPLE Piano and Vocal arrangement by Robert Van Horne. A song composed for and dedicated to Toastmasters International; thanking and inspiring members who continually learn the art of communication and leadership. Listen

IN A DREAM A lyrical ballad inspired in 1996 while on a plane flight from Singapore back to the US.

IWOMAH? Piano/Vocal Chinese Lyrics (DO YOU STILL LOVE ME?) 你仍舊愛我嗎? An arrangement from the CD, CHINA LOVE by Robert Van Horne; Chinese Lyrics by Hu Xian-Ting.

KISMET FRIENDS Piano / Vocal with original words by Robert Van Horne. Inspired by two people destined to be lovers forever.

LOVELY HAWAII OF MY DREAMS  Piano / Vocal  An original song by Robert Van Horne; inspired by his visits to the beautiful and unforgettable islands of Hawaii.  Listen

REMEMBERING Piano/Vocal arrangement by Robert Van Horne. Originally recorded as a piano selection featured on the RHAPSODY / TIMELESS FAVORITES CD. The song is dedicated to those special people whom we love and will miss.

SILENT GIFTS Piano/Vocal  A new song for the holidays by Don Gillis and Robert Van Horne about giving the perfect gift – a smile. Listen

SWEET HADLEY Piano and Vocal song by Robert Van Horne. Inspired by his niece’s little baby girl, Hadley. Listen

THE GRANDPARENT’S DAY SONG  A special song dedicated to and honoring all the grandparents in the world. Listen

THE TWELVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS (English Chinese Version) Piano and Vocal rendition with additional lyrics having a Chinese theme. This traditional Christmas song has always been a favorite during the holidays. Now, sing it with Robert’s new and humorous words.

TRUE AND GENTLE Piano/Vocal Robert’s hauntingly beautiful piano piece now with lyrics enhancing its essence with deep emotions.

WEDDING DAY (Duet) Piano and Vocal arrangement by Robert Van Horne. This song was written in 1986 while Robert was living in Singapore. It’s the perfect song to perform at any wedding ceremony.

VES / SEEING YOU, LOVING YOU  (Moderato) A romantic Bossa Nova with Spanish lyrics.


THE BLACK CAT WALTZ Duet by Robert Van Horne. One Piano, Four Hands Duet arranged for student performances during Halloween. Listen

RED CAPTIVATION Duet by Robert Van Horne. One Piano, Four Hands Duet inspired by composers at the Kurosawa Piano Music Foundation in 2008. Listen


DANCE DELIRA by Robert Van Horne is a symphonic dance with dissonant and consonant variations. Robert creates a delirious montage of fugal motif elements. Then without warning, clarity, or vision, transforms the cacophony into an unforgettable and exciting waltz of emotional freedom. Conductors score with individual instrumental parts available. Listen to the entire piece here: DANCE DELIRA

THE GREAT WALL CONCERTO by Robert Van Horne.  A musical work for piano and orchestra – a classic and virtuosic concerto that captures the Great Wall’s grandeur and majestic attraction. Conductors score with individual instrumental parts available. The entire work can be heard here: THE GREAT WALL CONCERTO


Interested in purchasing a book of my original pieces? Please send an email:

CHINA LOVE BOOK is the notated solo piano rendition of the ten lyrical and flowing melodies on the CHINA LOVE album arranged by the composer for intermediate level pianists. This newly revised 65-page music book is a blend of original Western and Oriental melodies and is a unique collection for piano students as well as accomplished pianists. USD $20.00 (This price includes postal shipping)

EMBRACED BY A DREAM BOOK is an 84 page collection of twelve intermediate level piano solos. It features imaginative and descriptive arrangements of the composer’s music that are found on the CD of the same name. USD $20.00 (This price includes postal shipping)

THE GREAT WALL CONCERTO  A Piano Solo & Orchestra Piano Reduction for two pianos, four hands, 32 page arrangement composed in a classic popular style, capturing the grandeur and majestic attraction of China’s Great Wall. Two copies are  included to perform this duo piano arrangement. USD $30.00 (This price includes postal shipping)

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  2. Hello. Would you be able to post Phoi Pha for piano for my mom? I would be more than happy to send $5.00 for that sheet music. My mom has been looking for that piece played by you on YouTube. Thank you!

    1. Dear Bao Vinh,

      Thank you very much for your kind words and comments about the video Phoi Pha. It was very nice of you to take the time to send me an email about wanting to purchase the sheet music to this piece.

      Unfortunately, I have no sheet music to Phoi Pha. I learned this music by ear while listening to a recording of Khanh Ly singing the song. I tried to imitate her voice while arranging on the piano. I am unaware of where to purchase the music to Phoi Pha. I am sorry.

      Again, thank you for your interest and telling others about my music. I wish you and your Mother all the best. 

      Warmest Regards,

      Robert Van Horne 

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